Repair Services

Is your pool equipment having problems?  Let our experienced repair professionals look at your pool equipment and diagnose the problem.  Once it is found, we can give you a fair price to repair it and you can be confident it will be done right.  From pumps and heaters, to electrical and plumbing lines, you can rest assure that the repair you are paying for is done right.  Our repairs come with a one-year warranty. 

To obtain a better idea of any repairs you may need, please read below. 

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Most pools that are more than 20 years old have copper plumbing.  Over time, these pipes corrode and generate leaks and other problems.  Corroded pipes can stain your plaster and spit metals into your pool water that can affect your pools water chemistry balance. 

We can help you replace your corroded pipes with the modern standard for pool plumbing, which is PVC piping.  PVC does not corrode and will keep your water chemistry better balanced, allowing for a more pleasurable swimming experience. 

If you currently have copper plumbing for your swimming pool and are planning to re-plaster it or replace/improve your existing pool deck, you should seriously consider re-plumbing your pool first.  This can potentially save you from having to destroy your new deck or plaster to repair any future plumbing problems. 

In situations where permits may be required, be assured that we handle all permitting and inspections and paperwork. 


The electrical wiring associated with older pools has many potential hazards if it is not maintained.  Over time, the metal conduits that run underground can age and corrode.  This corrosion can expose live wires, which will pose serious electrocution threats your family and guests. 

Older pool light junction boxes were installed into the swimming pool deck.  The seal in these boxes deteriorate over time, allowing water to seep in when it rains or if bathers splash water out of the pool and into the box.  This can also cause electrical hazards or short out pool lights, causing them to need replacing much more frequently. 

Upgrading your electrical system not only makes your pool safer but also can save you money and prevent future repair expenses. 

In situations where permits may be required, be assured that we handle all permitting and inspections and paperwork. 


Over time the appearance of your in ground pool will be affected by the wearing a way of its plaster shell.  The plaster not only protects your pool but works in connection with your pool chemicals to help balance and keep your water quality high.  Discoloration and stains in your pool may lead some people to think that it needs to be painted. 

Indeed there are paints marketed for the painting of pools, however, this is a temporary solution.  Very soon, the paint will begin to peel and it will clog your system.  Not only will you have an ugly finish but also you will now have to remove the paint in order to fix what was wrong in the first place -- the plaster. 

Plaster is the oldest and cheapest way of recoating your swimming pool and comes in different colors.  Although their other alternatives to coating your pool, plaster remains the most popular form of coating swimming pools. 

Pebble finishes can make a beautiful natural looking alternative to white plaster.  Pebble come in various colors and are more resistant to staining. 

A glass bead finish looks remarkable under both natural and artificial lights.  It provides a superior color range including custom colors. The results are stunning. The surface has a 3-Dimensional effect. Available in a range of designer colors, this remarkable finish enhances the visual effect contemporary architecture demands.