Licensing & Certifications

At Amazing Pools & Spas, Inc., we believe that Training is the forefront of professionalism.  We are  certified through the National Swimming Pool Foundation (NSPF) as Certified Pool Operators (CPOs). This is one of the most respected levels of training in the swimming pool industry.  It is the same training course that county health departments, city officials, and recreational water facilities send their employees to monitor the safety of the public.  We are Licensed Swimming Pool Technicians through the Los Angeles County Health Department.  In addition, our technicians attend numerous training courses throughout the year to learn about all of the new products and technology that are being developed. 

We are Amazing Pools & Spas, Inc. and we are committed to providing quality swimming pool and spa service.

  • We have over 10 years of experience in the commercial & residential swimming pool industry 
  • We are License Contractors (C53-898452) 
  • We are Licensed Swimming Pool Technicians through the Los Angeles County Health Department (T5433) 
  • We are Certified Pool Operators through the National Swimming Pool Foundation 
  • We are fully insured and carry worker’s compensation insurance 
  • We maintain over 200 commercial and residential swimming pools throughout LA and Orange county 

In addition to swimming pool and spa service, we also perform the following services: 

  • Pool tile, coping, plaster and other structural repairs 
  • New decking installation and repairs of existing decks 
  • Installation of new plumbing and electrical lines 
  • Repair of existing plumbing and electrical lines 
  • Installation of new pool equipment 
  • Repair of existing pool equipment 
  • Pool facility inspections

 We also believe the keys to professionalism in the swimming pool industry are Honesty and Communication.  We achieve this through direct and indirect methods. 

Our direct way of communication involves telephone calls to follow up on any questions or concerns you may have or to make you aware of any problems with your pool and/or equipment. 

Our indirect methods come in the forms of:

  •  Service Agreements - Upon requesting our services, we ask you to sign our service agreement.  The service agreement outlines the type of service we provide and lets you know exactly what to expect from us. This way you can be sure there will be no hidden fees that will pop up in the future.  You will receive a copy of this service agreement for your personal files and reference. 
  • Inspections - When you are an Amazing Pools & Spas, Inc. customer we conduct periodic inspections of your swimming pool to make sure the integrity of your swimming pool structure and equipment are still in tacked.  We will typically conduct these inspections every 3 to 4 months.  We will leave a copy of these inspections with you for your personal files. 
  • Door Hangers - We periodically use these as notes to keep you informed on the status of your pool.  They are mostly used during the summer time, when you are more likely to use the swimming pool. Whether there is a problem with your equipment or we added chemicals to your pool that require you to wait before you swim, you can be confident that your technician is continually cleaning your pool and that you are always being updated on its condition.



    My wife and I had the hardest time trying to get a pool person who could change our green water back to blue.  We had two different pool guys come and promise they could get our green water back to blue but it never happened. We spent a lot of money with different pool companies and nothing seemed to work.  We heard about Amazing Pools through our neighbor. She said Ray made her water sparkle and they never had a problem with the quality of their water. I decided to call him in a last attempt effort to solve my pool problem. Ray showed up and was able to explain the problem to me in a way that I could understand. He told me that the pool would not get back to perfect overnight but he could bring the pool back. In less than one week my water went from green to crystal clear.   We have used Amazing Pools for three years now and needless to say my water has never looked bad again.   Thanks Amazing Pools!!!! 

    Tom & Denise, Cypress, CA