Other Services

In addition to our standard pool service and repairs, we offer a wide variety of other services, including: 

  • Installations/Replacing- We can install a wide variety of products and equipment.  This includes Pumps (single and variable speeds), Filters, Heaters, Salt Chlorine Generators, Control Systems, Cleaners, Lights, Chlorinators, Wireless Remote Systems, and more. 
  • Acid Washes- Requires the draining of your swimming pool and the application of muriatic acid to remove stains and discoloration on the plaster surface. 
  • Chlorine Baths- Requires the draining of your swimming pool and the application of a high concentration of chlorine to remove heavy build-ups of algae, including black algae. 
  • Pool Sanding- Typically performed after an acid wash, this process involves the sanding of the plaster surface to remove any rough areas and leaving it smooth to the touch. 
  • Phosphate Removal- This chemical is added to the water to remove phosphate build up, which is what algae uses to thrive on. 
  • Spring Tune Ups- This service involves the replacement of all rubber seal rings and gaskets in your pool equipment.  There are O-rings in most pieces of pool equipment, including your pump, filter, backwash valve, heater, any directional valves, and other equipment.  The replacement of these O-rings every one to three years is a good preventative maintenance practice to prevent leaks, poor circulation, and damage to equipment. 

Please call us and ask about any other services we provide. 

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