Pool Plaster Start Up

Are you looking to have your swimming pool or spa re-plastered? 

Have you just built a new pool or spa and getting ready to plaster? 

Have you thought about the “Start Up” phase of the new plaster? If you are like most people you have no idea what the “Start Up” is and probably won’t know how important it is until the day your pool is being plastered. 

What is a plaster “Start Up”? It is the day before your pool gets plastered and ends 28 days after the pool has been filled. This period of your plasters life is most crucial since this is when anything can go wrong. Everything can affect the outcome of your plaster. If chemicals aren’t balanced correctly, if the plaster isn’t brushed and if the equipment isn’t running long enough the plaster can get ruined. 

What are some things that go wrong with a bad “Start Up”? If the calcium isn’t checked or adjusted before the plaster is filled with water it will stain. If the plaster isn’t brushed correctly there will be parts of the plaster that are rough or raised. If the chemicals aren’t monitored on a daily basis the plaster can stain and equipment can get ruined. 

Why use Amazing Pools & Spas for your plaster “Start Up”? Amazing Pools & Spas takes education seriously. We hold certifications in all aspects of the swimming pool industry. We are Certified Pool Operators (CPO) with the National Swimming Pool Foundation (NSPF). We are Certified Pool Operator Instructors (CPOI) with the NSPF. We are Certified Pool Inspectors (CPI) with the National Swimming Pool Foundation NSPF. We are licensed contractors with the state of California and hold a C-53 license. This is the only license designated specifically for a swimming pool builder. We are water chemistry certified by the Independent Pool and Spa Service Association (IPSSA). We are licensed technicians with the Los Angeles County Environmental Health Protection Agency. We are auxiliary board members of the National Plasterers Council (NPC). Most importantly, we are one of the select few companies that are recognized by the National Plasterers Council as being a “Start Up “Technician. 

Call us today so your plaster start up can be done by the best in the industry. 

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