Amazing Pools and Spas

Swimming pool treatment by Amazing Pools and Spas, Inc. is the most stress-free service available in Orange County, CA.  Our Mission is to provide a clean and sanitary swimming environment for you and your family.  There is no need to buy chemicals that can be hazardous to your children and pets. 

We have a wide variety of swimming pool chemical and maintenance services.  Our swimming pool technicians are specially trained at cleaning and chemically treating your swimming pool.  In addition, they are trained in troubleshooting pool equipment.  If there is ever a problem, one of our friendly, experienced repair technicians will come out to your home to formally diagnose the problem and fix it.   

Now you can sleep during the night (and swim during the day) with confidence that your pool is being professionally managed by the best pool service company in Orange County, CA.

I could never find a dependable pool/spa service in my part of OC...that is until Amazing Pools & Spas took over!  Now I never have to give my swimming pool a second thought.
                                      F. Rogala,  Anaheim, CA

Dear Shaun, 

I want to thank you for making my pool & spa amazing. The way beautiful pool & spa pictures look in magazines. 

Mark A. Curran, Santa Ana, CA