Why hire a swimming pool inspector? 

When people hire a home inspection company to inspect their house most of the time the inspector knows very little about your swimming pool or spa. They often attend a class or read a couple of brochures and assume they know how to inspect a swimming pool. Unfortunately, it is not that simple. A swimming pool is not like looking at a kitchen appliance to see if it turns on or checking to see if the toilet flushes.

A swimming pool has its own system of plumbing, electricity, concrete, gas, and hydraulics. Your swimming pool could be worth up to 30% of your homes value. It is not something that should be left to an ordinary inspector.

When you are considering purchasing a home with a swimming pool there are so many problems that could be covered up or not disclosed when buying your home. These problems can sometimes cost up to $30,000 to repair. The nice thing about hiring a swimming pool inspector is just like an ordinary inspector a swimming pool inspector can find items in the pool that may give a buyer more power when negotiating for the final price. The small price you pay for a swimming pool inspection could put thousands of dollars back in your pocket to spend on that vacation you always wanted to take.

Why should you hire an inspector from Amazing Pools & Spas, Inc? Amazing Pools & Spas, Inc. is recognized by the state of California as being a qualified licensed contractor certified to build swimming pools. This means we know how a pool should look even when it is just dirt in your backyard. We know everything from the rebar to the equipment. We know the hydraulics, the electrical, the gas, the plaster, the gunite (yes, these two are different). We know heaters, salt systems, pumps, filters, cleaners, blowers, check valves and ball valves. We know how each of these things should operate in their own way.We are recognized by the National Swimming Pool Foundation (NSPF) as being Certified Pool Operators (CPO). This means we know how to keep your swimming pool working correctly and if it breaks down we know why and how to fix it.

Not only do we inspect swimming pools but we also inspect waterfalls, spas and all water features.Our reports.We take a lot of pride in the inspections we do. After the inspection, you will be provided with a detailed report of what we observed. It will tell you the good and the bad. Most importantly, it will let you know what you can expect when you purchase the swimming pool and an average cost to make the repairs. 

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